Technical Program

Tentative Technical Program – Last Update on May 9, 2022

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Monday, June 20th, 2022

8:30 – 9:00 Welcome

9:00 – 10:00 Plenary Lecture: Prof. Jiro Kasahara (Nagoya University, Japan)

Title: Fundamental Research of Detonation Engine and Its Space Flight Experiment Using Sounding Rocket

Chairs: TBA

10:00 – 10:05

Break (Transition to Morning Sessions)


Detonation Propagation I

Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA

Gas and Dust Explosion I

Chairs: TBA

Chemical Kinetics I

Chairs: TBA

10:05 – 10:30

Detonation Propagation in the Inhomogeneous

Mixtures with Periodic Reactant Concentration Gradient


Y. Wang, Z. Chen

Preliminary Experimental Study of Propulsive Performance of Hollow Rocket Rotating Detonation Engines with Designed Laval Nozzle


Y. Zhang, J.Z. Ma, J.P. Wang, S. Zhang

On the Reactivity of Ethylene/Nitrogen/ Oxygen


G. Pio, S. Renda, V. Palma, E. Salzano

Ignition Delay Time and Laminar Flame Speed Measurements of a Li-ion Battery Electrolyte: Ethyl-Methyl-Carbonate


O. Mathieu, Y. Almarzooq, E. Petersen

10:30 – 10:55

Multiheaded Rotating Detonation in Annular Gap


I. Manuylovich

Experimental Investigation on the Coal Powder Rotating Detonation Engine


X. Ni, H. Xu, C. Weng, X. Su, B. Xiao, F. Zhang, Y. Luo

Investigation of Heterogeneous Detonation Wave Interaction with Porous Medium


S.A. Lavruk, D. Tropin

Community Analysis of Bifurcation Maps of Diluted Hydrogen Combustion in WSFRs


J. He, Y. Li, L. Ji, L. Acampora, F.S. Marra

10:55 – 11:20

Numerical Investigation of One-dimensional Pulsating Detonations Using Fickett’s Detonation Analogue with Chain-Branching Kinetics


A. Sow, M.I. Radulescu

Numerical Analysis of the Influence of Mixing on Detonation Wave Propagation inside a Rotating Detonation Engine by Using Linear Detonation Channel


F. Wang, T. Mizukaki, S. Matsuyama

Large-Scale Confined Gas and Dust Explosions with Elevated Initial Turbulence


L.R. Boeck, C.R.L Bauwens, S. Dorofeev

Ignition delay time measurements of methane/ethane/propane mixtures with addition of ozone (178)

S. Drost, R. Schießl, U. Maas

11:20 – 11:45



Condensed Phase Detonation I

Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA

Gas and Dust Explosion II

Chairs: TBA

Chemical Kinetics II

Chairs: TBA

11:45 – 12:10

Detonation Performance Experiments and Modeling for the High Explosive PETN


E.K. Anderson, C. Chiquete, R. Chicas, S.I. Jackson

Initiation Dynamics of Rotating Detonation Engines using C2H4-O2 Mixtures


S.F. Connolly-Boutin, M. Ghali, R. Gilot, J. Loiseau, A. Higgins, C.B. Kiyanda

Propagation of Methane Detonation in Coal Dust Suspensions with Different Concentrations


J. Shi, Y. Xu, W. Ren, H. Zhang

Effects of Di(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl) Carbonate on the Ignition Delay Time and Laminar Flame Speed of H2 and CH4


M. Turner, D. Mohr, P. Dievart, L. Catoire, E. Petersen, O. Mathieu

12:10 – 12:35

An Intrinsic Acceleration Effect with Detonation Propagation in Rate-stick Tests


J. Yao

Three-Dimensional Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Injector Configuration in Rotating Detonation Engine


T. Sada, A. Matsuo, E. Shima, H. Watanabe, A. Kawasaki, K. Matsuoka, J. Kasahara

Gravity Effect on Steady,

1-D Propagation through Dust Clouds


K. Kuwana, S. Yazaki,

W. Kim, T. Mogi, R. Dobashi

Sensitivity of Reaction-Diffusion Manifolds (REDIM) for Hydrogen Counter-diffusion Flames


U. Maas, V. Bykov

12:35 – 13:00

Towards Finite Rate Chemical Kinetics Modeling of Detonation Afterburn Using the BKW Equation of State


M.P. Clay, B. Taylor, R. Houim

Flow Acceleration in an RDRE with Gradual Chamber Constriction


M.C. Ross, J. Burr, A. Batista, C. Lietz

Characterizing the Reactivity of Large-Scale Dust Explosions


C. R.L. Bauwens, L.R. Boeck, S. Dorofeev

Influence of Thermochemistry on Prompt NO formation in Flames


K.P. Shrestha, L. Seidel, B.R. Giri, T. Zeuch, F. Mauss

13:00 – 14:30



Detonation Propagation II

Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA

IC Engines

Chairs: TBA

Chemical Kinetics III

Chairs: TBA

14:30 – 14:55

Elliptical Experimental Detonation


R. Babin, A. Chinnayya, V. Rodriguez

Study of Rotating Detonation Combustor Dynamics During Changes in Operating Mode


J. Shepard, A. Feleo, M. Gamba

0D Laminar Flame Speed Model for Methane Lean Mixture in Dual Fuel Combustion


R. De Robbio, E. Mancaruso, B.M. Vaglieco, S. Artham, J. Martín

The Impact of H2 and CO on the NH3 / NO / O2 Chemistry – a Step towards a Predictive Tool for NH3 Oxidation


P. Glarborg, M.U. Alzueta

14:55 – 15:20

Multiple-view Imaging of a Small-diameter Detonation Tube at 5 MHz


L. Thomas, F. Schauer, D. Cyrol, B. Sell

Identification of Multiple Combustion Modes in Continuous Detonation Engines


J.Z. Ma, J.P. Wang

Statistics of Flame Topology in Turbulent Spray Flame Water Droplet Interaction


R. Concetti, J. Hasslberger, N. Chakraborty, M. Klein

Analysis of Chemical-Induced Irreversibility in Premixed Counterflow CH4/CO/Air Flame


C.R. Yu, C.Y. Wu

15:20 – 15:45

Study of Imploding Detonations with High-speed Videography and Digital Open-shutter Photography


R.S. Rodriguez A. Higgins, J. Loiseau

Numerical Analysis on Pressure Gain of Rotating

Detonation Engine Using H2-O2 Gases: Influence of Number of Injector


A.K. Hayashi, K. Yoshidomi, K. Ozawa, N. Tsuboi, H. Kawashima

Effect of Jet Configuration on Knock Characteristics Using a Rapid Compression Machine (80)

W. Liu, Y. Qi, R. Zhang, Q. Zhang, Z. Wang

Modeling Soot Formation in LES of Turbulent Flames Using Virtual Chemistry


H. Maldonado Colman, D. Veynante, N. Darabiha, B. Fiorina

15:45 – 16:10

Towards Laser-Induced Fluorescence of Nitric Oxide in Detonation


K.P. Chatelain, S.B. Rojas Chavez, J. Vargas, D.A. Lacoste

Simulations of Ethylene-Oxygen Rotating Detonation Waves under Different Local Equivalence Ratio (85)

H. Peng, R. Deiterding

The Effect of the Ignition Energy and Mixture Energy Density on the Detonation Onset in Internal Combustion Engines (177)

H. Xu, C. Weng, C. Yao

Large Eddy Simulation of a Multi-Regime Burner Using Virtual Chemistry


T.P. Luu, B. Fiorina, N. Darabiha

16:10 – 16:35



Detonation Structure I

Chairs: TBA

Flame Acceleration & DDT I

Chairs: TBA

Explosion Safety I

Chairs: TBA

Chemical Kinetics IV

Chairs: TBA

16:35 – 17:00

Experimental Analysis of Cellular Detonations:

a Discussion on Regularity and Three-dimensional Patterns


V. Monnier, V. Rodriguez, P. Vidal, R. Zitoun

Numerical Study of Multi-dimensional Effects on the Transition to Detonation from Subsonic Self-ignition Waves Propagating at Constant Speed


S. Taileb, E. Rougon, A. Chinnayya, V. Robin

The Bologna LPG BLEVE


G. Cocchi

Global Quasi-Linearization (GQL) for Model Reduction of Reaction Diffusion Systems


V. Bykov, C.Yu, U. Maas, V. Gol’dshtein

17:00 – 17:25

Cell Structure and Global Heat Release in 2D

and 3D JP10-Air Detonations in Narrow Channels


P.A. Meagher, X. Shi, X. Zhao, S.S. Dammati, A. Poludnenko, H. Wang

Visualization of Deflagration-to-detonation Transition in a Channel with Rough Wall


S. Maeda, M. Irokawa, D. Taneichi, T. Obara

Expansion Waves Behaviour during Liquified CO2 Depressurization in a Divergent Cross-Section Vessel


O.K. M.Ibrahim, P.M. Hansen, D. Bjerketvedt, K. Vågsæther

Thermal Decomposition-induced Multi-stage Reaction of Diethyl Carbonate Examined by a Micro Flow Reactor with a Controlled Temperature Profile


K. Kanayama, S. Takahashi, S. Morikura, H. Nakamura, T. Tezuka, K. Maruta

17:25 – 17:50

Towards the Converged Von Neuman Peak Pressure using Fine Scale Simulation of Detonation Cell Structure


J. Ryu, M. Niyasdeen, J.Y. Choi

Plasma-assisted Deflagration to Detonation Transition of Dimethyl Ether in a Microchannel


M. Vorenkamp, T. Chen, S. Steinmetz, C. Kliewer, A. Starikovskiy, Y. Ju

Numerical Simulation of the effects of a muffler on shock sound mitigation


A. Sethu Venkataraman, E. Oran

Validation of the Reaction-Diffusion Manifolds (REDIMs) Reduced Chemistry for the Non-premixed CH4 Counter-flow Diffusion Flames under MILD Condition


Y. Sun

17:50 – 18:15

Dynamics and Properties of 2D vs. 3D Ethylene-Air Detonations


S.S. Dammati, A. Poludnenko, R. Xu, X. Shi, H. Wang

DDT Run-up Distance Measured by Visualization of an Obstructed Tube


S. Shervin Hashemi Mehr, G. Ciccarelli

Experimental study on turbulent flame speed of H2-CO/air mixtures relevant to late phase accident scenario


A. Desclaux, M. Idir, A. Comandini, A. Bleyer, A. Bentaib, N. Chaumeix

REDIM Reduced Modeling of Flame-Wall-Interactions of Premixed Natural Gas / Air Systems


C. Straßacker, U. Maas



Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

9:00 – 10:00 Plenary Lecture: Prof. Gabriel Ciccarelli (Queen’s University, Canada)

Title: Flame Acceleration and Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition in a Confined Geometry

Chairs: TBA

10:00 – 10:05

Break (Transition to Morning Sessions )


Detonation Structure II

Chairs: TBA

Detonation Modelling I

Chairs: TBA

Stability I

Chairs: TBA

Laminar Flame I

Chairs: TBA

10:05 – 10:30

Influence of a Hydrocarbon Inhibitor on the Developed Detonation in a Hydrogen-Air Mixture


V. Nikitin, E. Mikhalchenko, N.N. Smirnov, V. Azatyan

Neural Network Solver for Reactive Burgers Model of Detonation


A. Kasimov, S. Aamir

Fractal-based RANS Modeling of Darrieus—Landau and Thermal-diffusive Instability Effects on Lean Hydrogen Flames


D. Zivkovic, T. Sattelmayer

A Study on the Effect of Ethanol Addition on Laminar Flame Speed of a Four-Component Gasoline Surrogate at Elevated Pressure and Temperature


Y. Almarzooq, E. Petersen, I. Schoegl

10:30 – 10:55

Two-Dimensional Detonations in Ethylene-Air Mixtures with Multi-Step Chemistry


S.S. Dammati, A. Poludnenko

A Methodology to Develop Simplified Kinetic Schemes for Detonation Simulations

F. Veiga-Lopez, A. Chinnayya, J. Melguizo-Gavilanes

Investigation of the Scale Similarity Principle for Subgrid Modelling of the Reactive Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability


M. Bambauer, J. Hasslberger, M. Klein

Experimental and Numerical Study on a Gasoline Surrogate Mixture


O. Mghanen, N. Chaumeix, M. Matrat, S. Chevillard, N. Obrecht

10:55 – 11:20

Predictability of H2/O2/Ar/He Detonations in Thin Channels: New Experiments and Improvements in the Quasi-two-dimensional Mode


F. Zangene, A. Sow, M. Radulescu

Effect of Losses on 2D Cellular Detonations


A. Kasimov, A. Goldin

Numerical Investigation of Fuel Feed Line Instabilities and its Effects in the Partially Premixed Swirling Flame


J. Nam, J.J. Yoh

Chemiluminescence of Spherically Expanding Methane-Air Flames Doped with DMMP


M. Turner, P. Parajuli, W. Kulatilaka, E. Petersen

11:20 – 11:45



Detonation Structure III

Chairs: TBA

Detonation Diffraction

Chairs: TBA

Stability II

Chairs: TBA

Laminar Flame II

Chairs: TBA

11:45 – 12:10

Detonation Structural Response to Multi-dimensional Confinement


J. Crane, J.T. Lipkowicz, X. Shi, I. Wlokas,

A. Kempf, H. Wang

Numerical Study on Re-Initiation of Detonation Propagating

through Double Slits in a Planar Channel


D. Jun, B.J. Lee

Oxygen Enrichment Effect on the Stability of Turbulent Diffusion Biogas Flames


S. Fabbro, M. Tkach, M. Birouk

Combustion Characteristics of Butane in a Meso-scale Burner with Ordered Porous Media


X. Chen, J. Li

12:10 – 12:35

Comparative Analysis of the ZND Detonation Structure in Hydrocarbon Fuels


C. Colby, A. Ghosh, S.S. Dammati, A. Poludnenko

Simplified Numerical Simulation of Gaseous Quasi-Detonation

Diffraction from a Rough Walled Channel

C. Yan, X. Sun, X.C. Mi, H.D. Ng

Multiple Steady State Solutions for a Flame Stabilized behind a Highly Conductive Bluff Body


V.N. Kurdyumov, C. Jimenez

Development of Laminar Burning Velocity Measurement System in Multifuel or Strong Oxidizer Premixed Flames


Y.H. Li, J.W. Liang, H.J. Lin

12:35 – 13:00

Numerical Analysis on Ammonia / Hydrogen / Air Detonation Using Detailed Chemical Reaction model


G. Inoue, N. Tsuboi, K. Ozawa, A.K. Hayashi

Data-driven Modeling of Reflection Point Distance Relevant to Diffracting Detonation Wave by using Machine Learning


A. Kawasaki, H. Hasegawa, H. Sun, H. Watanabe, N. Itouyama, K. Matsuoka, J. Kasahara, A. Matsuo, I. Funaki

Comparison of the Experimentally Observed Growth Rate of the Methane-Air Flame Front Disturbances with Theoretical Models


A. Elyanov, V. Golub, A. Mikushkin, V.V. Volodin

Laminar Burning Velocity and Adiabatic Flame Temperature of Biogas/Air Mixture at various CO2 Concentrations


A. Ghabi, T. Boushaki, P. Escot Boucanegra, E. Robert, B. Sarh

13:00 – 14:30



Detonation Structure IV

Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA

Multiphase I

Chairs: TBA

Laminar Flame III

Chairs: TBA

14:30 – 14:55

An Investigation of the Detonation Jetting Phenomenon


R. Hytovick, R.F. Burke, T. Rezzag, K. Ahmed

Active Direction Control in Rotating Detonation Combustor


Z. Sheng, M. Cheng, D. Shen, K. Wu, J.P. Wang

On the Critical Conditions for Thermal Runaway of Fine Iron Particles


X.C. Mi, A. Fujinawa, J. Bergthorson

Experimental Study of Early-Stage Dynamics of the Ascending and Descending Laminar Hydrogen-Air Flames in Vertical Closed Rectangular Tube


N.B. Anikin, I.A. Kirillov

14:55 – 15:20

Forward Jetting Phenomenon in Detonations


P.A. Meagher, X. Shi, J. Crane, X. Zhao, A. Poludnenko, H. Wang

Experimental Study on the Aluminum Powder Rotating Detonation Engine


H. Xu, C. Weng, Q. Zheng

High-fidelity Simulations of Liquid-gas Colliding Jets Impacted by a Detonation Wave


R.J. Bielawski, S. Prakash, V. Raman

On the Structure and Dynamics of Premixed Hydrogen-Air Flame in a Channel with Counterflow


I. Yakovenko, A. Kiverin, I. Medvedkov

15:20 – 15:45

Experimental Research On The Biogas – Oxygen Mixture Detonation Cell Size


S. Siatkowski, K. Wacko, J. Kindracki

Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Ozone Addition on Detonation in the Two-dimensional RDE Chamber


R. Tanaka, A. Matsuo, E. Shima, H. Watanabe, A. Kawasaki, K. Matsuoka, J. Kasahara

A Thermodynamic-Informed Approximate Model for the Combustion of Molten Iron Droplets


A. Fujinawa, X.C. Mi, J. Bergthorson

Flame-Acoustics Interaction of Flames Propagating in a Narrow Duct: Effect of Heat Losses and Lewis Number


C. Jimenez, V.N. Kurdyumov

15:45 – 16:10

On Cellular Multiplicity of Detonations in Confined Channels


X. Shi, P.A. Meagher, J. Crane, S.S. Dammati, X. Zhao, A. Poludnenko, H. Wang

Effects of Mixing Level and Temperature of Injection in Rotating Detonative Combustion


C. Wang, K. Yao, H. Teng, Y. Wang, C. Tian

Shock Interaction at Mach 4 of a Water and Fuel Droplet


F. Virot, J.-L. Rullier, D. Hébert

Evolution of Acoustic Waves in High-Pressure Compressible Counterflow Diffusion Flames


G. Arumapperuma, M.X. Yao, J.P. Hickey, W. Han

16:10 – 16:35



Detonation Interface Interaction

Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA

Multiphase II

Chairs: TBA

Laminar Flame IV

Chairs: TBA

16:35 – 17:00

Detonation Propagation in a Layer Laterally Confined by Combustion Products


K. Cheevers, M. Raut, S.A. Lalchandani, Z. Hong, M. Radulescu

An Explanatory Model for the Multi-Wave Dynamics in Rotating Detonation Engines


C.R. Whitman, X.C. Mi, A. Higgins, C.B. Kiyanda

Effects of Atomization, Evaporation, Combustion on Poly-dispersed Sprays in Streaming Flows


N.N. Smirnov, V. Tyurenkova, L. Stamov

Early Stages of Flame Dynamics in Tubes and Mechanism of Tulip Flame Formation


M.A. Liberman, C. Qian, C. Wang

17:00 – 17:25

Detonation Propagation in a Semi-confined Mixture with a Diffuse Interface


M. McLoughlin, V. Yousefi Asli, G. Ciccarelli

Acceleration of Burned gas to Supersonic in a Throatless Rotating Detonation Engine


K. Nakata, K. Ota, S. Ito, K. Ishihara, K. Goto, N. Itouyama, H. Watanabe, A. Kawasaki, K. Matsuoka, J. Kasahara, A. Matsuo, I. Funaki, K. Higashino, J. Braun, T. Meyer, G. Paniagua

Morphology-independent Measurement of Iron Particle Burn Time


D. Ning, Y. Shoshin, J.A. van Oijen, G. Finotello, L.P.H. de Goey

CFD Modeling of Pressurized Laminar Coflow (Non-premixed) Diffusion Flames with Water Addition


H, Girodon, D. Dunn-Rankin, Y.C. Chien

17:25 – 17:50

Interaction of Detonation Waves with Turbulent Layers


B. Marjaba, H. Fazal, C.B. Kiyanda

Propagation of Gaseous Detonations in High Aspect Ratio Planar Curved Channels


M.L. Fotia, J. Hoke, R.J. Hencel, A. Schumaker

Mixture Distribution of Solid-Gas-Two-Phase Flow for Gaseous Detonation with Aluminium Particles


R. Shimizu, T. Mizukaki

A Level-set Transport Equation for Tracking Self-ignition Fronts in Hydrogen-Air Mixture


C. Siddappa, Z. Bouali, V. Robin



19:00 Young Researcher’s Night

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

9:00 – 10:00 Plenary Lecture: Prof. Benoît Fiorina (Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS, Laboratoire EM2C, France)

Title: Including Detailed Chemical Properties in the Modeling of Emerging Turbulent Combustion Systems

Chairs: TBA

10:00 – 10:05

Break (Transition to Morning Sessions)


Dynamics of Reactive Supersonic Flows

Chairs: TBA

Detonation Modelling II

Chairs: TBA

Ignition I

Chairs: TBA

Flame Dynamics & Stability

Chairs: TBA

10:05 – 10:30

Numerical Simulation of Laminar Premixed Hydrogen-Air Flame/Shock Interaction under Low-Pressure Conditions


E. Yhuel, G. Ribert, P. Domingo

Uncertainty Quantification for the Real Gas Model of Steady Planar Detonation


Z. Weng, R. Mevel

Experimental and Numerical Study of Autoignition/Deflagration Transition Limit in an optical Rapid Compression Machine


H. Ossman, C. Strozzi, J. Sotton, M. Bellenoue

Isotope Effect on the Characteristics of the Flame-Ball-to-Deflagration

Transition in Ultra-Lean Hydrogen- and Deuterium-Air Mixtures in Horizontal Hele-Shaw Cell


I.A. Kirillov, V. Denisenko, V. Plaksin, A. Melikhov

10:30 – 10:55

Stability Analysis of the Noh Problem for Reactive Shocks


C. Huete, A. Calvo-Rivera, A.L. Velikovich

On the Predicability of Weakly Confined Gaseous Detonations Using the Straight Streamline Approximation


S.A. Lalchandani, M. Radulescu, Z. Hong

Comparison between Laser Ignition and Spark-Plug Ignition of Flowing Propane-Air Mixtures


K. Eto, Y. Kojima, W. Kim, T. Johzaki, T. Endo

Scaling Laws for Velocity Dynamics of the Ultra-lean Hydrogen-Air Flames Expanding in Horizontal Cylindrical Hele-Shaw Cell


P.V. Moskalev

10:55 – 11:20

Numerical Study of Low-Frequency Supersonic Combustion Instability in a Hydrogen-fueled Scramjet Engine


S.M. Jeong, H.S. Han, E.S. Lee, J.Y. Choi

Modeling a Detonation Engine using the Reduced Kinetic Mechanism of Acetylene


V. Nikitin, E. Mikhalchenko, S. Park

Numerical Simulation of LOx/CH4 Supercritical Combustion in a non-Homogenous Mixture


F. Monnier, G. Ribert

A Tsuji Burner in a Counterflow


B. Li, A.L. Sanchez, F. Williams

11:20 – 11:45



Flame Acceleration & DDT II

Chairs: TBA

Detonation Modelling III

Chairs: TBA

Pressure-Gain Combustion

Chairs: TBA

Chemical Kinetics V

Chairs: TBA

11:45 – 12:10

Critical Conditions for Flame Acceleration and DDT for Hydrogen-Air Mixtures at Cryogenic Temperatures


M. Kuznetsov, A. Denkevits, A. Friedrich, A. Veser

Shock Dynamics from Quenched Detonations: Diffraction and Gallop Problems


M.I. Radulescu

Thermodynamic Analysis of Unsteady Propulsion Systems


R.T. Fievisohn

Improvement of the Global Quasi-Linearisation (GQL) Model Reduction Method


C. Yu, V. Bykov, U. Maas

12:10 – 12:35

On the Possibility of Non-dimensionalizing DDT Limits and Distances


V. Rodriguez, V. Monnier, P. Vidal, R. Zitoun

Characteristic Analysis for 2D Steady Supersonic Reacting Flow: Effect of Confinement on Detonation Flows


M. Short, C. Chiquete

Operation Characteristics of a Disk-Type Rotating Detonation Engine


K. Ishii, K. Ohno, H. Kawana, K. Kawasaki, A.K. Hayashi, N. Tsuboi

Oscillatory Combustion Kinetic Analysis and Reduction through Functional Weight Coefficient


S. Liang, L. Ji, D. Zhao

12:35 – 13:00

A One-dimensional Model for Deflagration-to-detonation Transition of an Elongated Flame


H. Tofailli, P. Clavin, G. Lodato, L. Vervisch

Modelling Detonation Reflection with Nonsteady Shock Change Equation


D.T. Schoeffler, J. Shepherd

TDLAS for Sensing Pre-vaporized Jet A-1 in Liquid-fuel Pressure Gain Combustion


P.H. Chang, N. Teo, J.M. Li, X. Huang, C.J. Teo, B.C. Khoo

Experimental Investigation of the Combustion Properties of a Representative Thermal Runaway Gas from Li-Ion Batteries


O. Mathieu, M. Turner, D. Mohr, J.C. Thomas, E. Petersen

13:00 – 13:25

An Experimentally Informed 1-D DDT Model for Smooth Narrow Channels


J. Melguizo-Gavilanes, L. Bauwens

The Effect of Fuel Partial Premixing on Rotating Detonation Waves


R.F. Burke, T. Rezzag, A.R. Kotler, K. Ahmed

Numerical Study on the Unsteady Rotating Detonation Flow-field Interacted with Turbine Guide Vane


D. Shen, M. Cheng, K. Wu, Z. Sheng, J.P. Wang

Experimental and Numeric study on the Inhibition Properties of Novec


S. Nagaraju, S. Abid, A. Comandini, N. Chaumeix



14:30 Wednesday Excursion

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022


Detonation Initiation

Chairs: TBA

Flame Acceleration & DDT III

Chairs: TBA

Explosion Safety III

Chairs: TBA

Turbulent Flames I

Chairs: TBA

9:00 – 9:25

Experimental Study on Detonation Wave Initiation by Reflected Blast Wave in Laser Ignition


T. Sato, K. Matsuoka, A. Kawasaki, N. Itouyama, H. Watanabe, J. Kasahara

Detonability Enhancement by Use of a Nanosecond Plasma

M. Ali Cherif, V. Lafaurie, S. Starikovskaia, P. Vidal

Shock Transmission from Detonating Mixtures in Open Tubes


J.C. Thomas, F.A. Rodriguez, D. Teitge, L. Kunka, N. Gaddis, Z. Browne, C. Ahumada, T. Balci, S.I. Jackson, E. Petersen, E. Oran

Surface Density Function and its Evolution in Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous n-Heptane MILD Combustion


K. Abo-Amsha, N. Chakraborty

9:25 – 9:50

The Critical Dynamics of Direct Initiation of Spherical Detonations


R. Hernández Sánchez, B. Denet, P. Clavin

Evolution of the Flame Shape and Structure on Acceleration and DDT


P.N. Krivosheyev, O. Penyazkov, A. Novitski

Influence of Hemicylindrical Obstacle Scale and Length on an Impacting Blast Wave


R.N. Gavart, S. Trélat, M.-O. Sturtzer, N. Chaumeix

Flame Self-Interactions in Turbulent Homogeneous-Mixture n-heptane MILD Combustion


K. Abo-Amsha, N. Chakraborty

9:50 – 10:15

Numerical Simulation of Detonation Initiation in Hydrogen-Air Mixes


S. Martyushov

Effect of Mach number on the Flame Acceleration and Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition


W. Zhao, J. Liang, X. Cai, R. Deiterding, X. Wang

Can a Baffle Improve the Efficiency of Crimped Ribbon Flame Arrestor: a Case Study


L. Wang

Numerical Investigation of the Global Equivalence Ratio Effects on the Dynamic Behavior of Turbulent Swirling Diffusion Flame


S. Chakchak, T. Boushaki, A. Hidouri, M. Chrigui

10:15 – 10:40

Thermochemical Aspects of Superknock Development in IC Engines


M.B. Luong, E. Tingas, H.G. Im

Flame Acceleration and DDT in a Channel with Fence-type Obstacles of Different Shapes and Layouts


Z. Liu, X. Li, H. Xiao

REKO-Fire: New Facility to Investigate Cable Fire Impact on Passive Autocatalytic Recombiners


G. Nobrega, M. Klauck, E.-A. Reinecke, N. Chaumeix, A. Bentaib, L. Maas

DNS of Turbulent Spray Flame Water Droplet Interaction Using an Euler-Lagrange-Lagrange Scheme


J. Hasslberger, R. Concetti, N. Chakraborty, M. Klein

10:40 – 11:05



Oblique Detonation

Chairs: TBA

Flame Acceleration & DDT IV

Chairs: TBA

Fire Dynamics

Chairs: TBA

Energetic Materials I

Chairs: TBA

11:05 – 11:30

The Impact of a Micro-Rounded Bump on the Initiation of Oblique Detonation Waves


C. Yan, G. Bakalis, R. El-Chaar, H. Teng, H.D. Ng

Numerical Simulation of Flame Quenching and Acceleration by a Foam Structure


H.C. Li, R.Houim

Statistical Research on Firebrand Behaviour in a Simulated 3D Fire Whirl


Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang

Pyroelectric Combustion Rate Characterization of Electrically Controlled Solid Propellants


G. Kanagaraj, J.J. Yoh

11:30 – 11:55

Experimental Study of Stabilized Oblique Detonation Waves


D.A. Rosato, M.R. Thornton, K. Ahmed

Influence of Obstacle Shape on Flame Development in Semi-open Space


L. Cong, X. Dai

Wildland Fire Spot Ignition by Steel Sparks from Hot-Working: A Case Study


C. Fernandez-Pello, J. Urban

Using a High Speed Hyperspectral Camera to Measure Gas Temperature And Concentration Profiles Resulting From Detonation of TNT


Gagnon, Jean-Philippe

11:55 – 12:20

Experimental Observation of Non-uniformly Premixed Oblique Detonation


K. Iwata, N. Hanyu, S. Maeda, T. Obara

DDT Limits in an Obstructed Duct with Irregular Passage


L. Wang

Experimental Study of Firebrand Lofting Mechanism in a Fire Whirl Induced Flow Field


Y. Zhang, A. Albadi, Y. Zhang

Understanding Thermochemical Aspects of the Magnesium Metal Fuel subjected to Hygrothermal Aging with Varied Oxygen Flow Rates

J. Oh, J.J. Yoh

12:20 – 12:45

Formation and Regulation of Unsteady Detonation Mach Stem in A Confined Space


S. Niu, P. Yang, H. Teng

Simulation of Flame Acceleration and Deflagration-to-Detonation

Transition in Components of Chemical Plants


C. Wieland, C. Hirsch, T. Sattelmayer, F. Scharf, V. Hoferichter, H.P. Schildberg

Numerical Prediction of Cables Fire Behaviour Using Non-Metallic Components in Cone Calorimeter


A.A. Alonso, M. Lazaro, D. Lazaro, D. Alvear

Laser Ignition of a Low-vulnerability RDX-based Propellant: Influence of the Atmosphere on Ignition and Combustion Properties


S. Delbarre, L. Courty, P. Gillard

12:45 – 14:15



Detonation Failure/Limits

Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA

Ignition II

Chairs: TBA

Shock Tubes I

Chairs: TBA

14:15 – 14:40

Numerical Study of Detonation Propagation through a Gravity-driven Layer of Hydrogen-Oxygen over an Inert Gas


M. Menezes, S. Lau-Chapdelaine, G. Ciccarelli

Detonations and Thermoacoustic Modes in a Flow through RDC


E.J. Gutmark, V. Anand, J. Betancourt, A. Gaetano, T. Pritschau, R. Wiggins

A Study on Influences of Hydrogen Addition and Turbulence on Ignition Characteristics of Propane Mixtures


M. Nakahara, K. Tanimoto, H. Kudo, F. Abe, K. Tokunaga

Simultaneous CO and H2O Laser Absorption Measurements of Pentene Isomers in a Shock Tube


C.M. Gregoire, C. Westbrook, O. Mathieu, S.P. Cooper, S. Alturaifi, E. Petersen

14:40 – 15:05

A Three-step, Three-gamma Model for the Numerical Modeling of the Critical Height of the Propagation of Semi-confined Detonation Waves


S. Taileb, E. Rougon, V. Robin, V. Rodriguez, S. Lau-Chapdelaine, P. Vidal, J. Melguizo-Gavilanes, A. Chinnayya

Effects of Partial Mixing and Confinement on Characteristic Detonation Parameters in Unwrapped RDE Channel


S.C. Redhal, M. Chang, J. Burr, K. Yu

An Influence of Vapor Condensation on the Low-Temperature Ignition of n-Decane/Air Mixtures


S. Shimchenko

Probing PAH Formation from Cyclopentene Pyrolysis in a Single-Pulse Shock Tube


L. Carneiro Piton, A. Hamadi, F. Cano, S. Abid, N. Chaumeix, A. Comandini

15:05 – 15:30

Mathematical Modeling of Cellular Detonation Wave Suppression in Hydrogen-Air Mixture by Inert Porous Filters


D. Tropin

State-to-State Model for Rotating Detonation Combustors


M. Gamba, A. Feleo, J. Shepard, F. Chacon

Real Gas Effect on Ignition Characteristics in Ideal and Non-ideal Reactors


Z. Weng, Z. Li, R. Mevel

Shock-tube Study of the Ignition of Fuel-rich CH₄/ or Natural Gas/Ozone/Air Mixtures at High Pressure


J. Herzler, M. Fikri, C. Schulz

15:30 – 15:55

Unified Characteristic Relationships of Hydrogen-Oxygen-Argon Detonation Dynamics in Narrow Channels


Q. Xiao, C. Weng

Experimental Results for 25-mm and 51-mm RDRE Combustors


C. Knowlen, T. Mundt, M. Kurosaka

Incompletely Stirred Reactor Network Modeling for the Estimation of Turbulent Non-Premixed Autoignition


S. Iavarone, S. Gkantonas, E. Mastorakos

Probing Pyrolytic PAH Chemistry in High-Repetition-rate Shock Tube Coupled to Synchrotron-based Double Imaging Photoelectron/Photoion Coincidence Spectroscopy


F.E. Cano Ardila, S. Nagaraju, R.S. Tranter, S. Abid, A. Desclaux, A. Roque, N. Chaumeix, A. Comandini

15:55 – 16:20



Condensed Phase Detonation II

Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA

Ignition III

Chairs: TBA

Supersonic Combustion

Chairs: TBA

16:20 – 16:45

Effect of Microstructure on Detonation Performance of the Insensitive High Explosive PBX 9502


S. Voelkel, E.K. Anderson, M. Short, C. Chiquete, S.I. Jackson

Experimental Study of Liquid Propellant Rotating Detonation Combustor


S. Ito, K. Ishihara, K. Yoneyama, K. Goto, N. Itouyama, H. Watanabe, A. Kawasaki, K. Matsuoka, J. Kasahara, A. Matsuo, I. Funaki

Numerical Investigation of High-Altitude Relight in an Aeronautical Combustor


L.C.C. Mesquita, E. Mastorakos, M. Zedda

Baffled-Tube Ram Accelerator Operation with Methane-Air Propellant


C. Knowlen, B. Leege, J. Correy, C. Smith, A. Higgins

16:45 – 17:10

Simulation of Post-Detonation Reaction and Afterburning Process of PETN with Detailed Chemical Kinetics


A.A. Egeln Jr, R. Houim, D. Guildenbecher, J. Hewson, R. Marinis

Temperature and Heat-Flux Measurements in a Thin-Wall RDE


C.A. Stevens

Reactions Involved in the Heat Release and Pressure Wave Development during Autoignition of PRF/air Mixtures


H.C. Lee, P. Dai, Z. Chen

Shock-Droplet Interactions and Reaction of Liquid RP-2 Fuel


J.P. Patten, K. Ahmed, R. Hytovick, R.F. Burke





Friday, June 24th, 2022


Detonation Boundary Interaction

Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA

Energetic Materials II

Chairs: TBA

9:00 – 9:25

Influences of a Small Step on the Side Wall upon Detonation Propagation


Y. Seki, T. Honda, W. Kim, T. Johzaki, T. Endo

Influence of Different Factors on Performance of Carbon Driven Rotating Detonation Engine


Y. Wang, W. Wu, Y. Chen, W. Han, J.P. Wang

Experimental Investigation of Reacting Fuel Droplets Interactions with Detonation Waves


D. Dyson, A. Arakelyan, N. Berube, S. Briggs, J. Ramirez, E. Ninnemann, K. Thurmond, G. Kim, W. Green, H.S. Udaykumar, S. Menon, S. Vasu

Hydrodynamic Characterization of the Aging Induced Performance Degradation of HMX-Based Explosive PBX 9404


S.I. Jackson, C. Chiquete, E.K. Anderson

9:25 – 9:50

Resonance and Mode Locking in Gaseous Detonation Propagating in a Channel with Periodic Roughness


A. Kasimov, A. Goldin, T. Medvedeva

Numerical Simulation of the Effect of the Array-hole Injection and Cavity Combustor on the Rotating Detonation Engine Performance


X. He, J. Wang, X. Liu

Numerical Study of Multi-Dimensional Liquid-Fuel n-Dodecane/Air Detonations with Complex Chemistry


S.S. Dammati, Y. Kozak, A. Poludnenko

Investigation of Micro- and Nano-Catalytic Additive Effects on Ammonium Perchlorate Combustion


F.A. Rodriguez, J.C. Thomas, T. Sammet, D. Teitge, E. Petersen

9:50 – 10:15

Study on Propagation Mechanism of Detonation in Tubes Equipped with Repeating wedged Obstacles


L. Wang

Effects of Curvature and Three-Dimensionality in Near-limit Detonation


P. Zhang, X. Zhao

Numerical Analysis on the Breakup of Dilute Water Spray in Gaseous Detonation


H. Watanabe, A. Matsuo, A. Chinnayya, K. Matsuoka, A. Kawasaki, J. Kasahara

Characterization of High Pressure Electrolytic Decomposition of Hydroxylammonium Nitrate Aqueous Solution using FTIR


M.H. Wu, K.I. Lao, Y.T. Chou

10:15 – 10:40

An Immersed-Boundary Projection Method for Studies of Detonation Waves Interacting with Thin Obstacles


X. Lu, H. Yu, C. Pantano, E. Oran

Wall Heat Flux Measurements behind a Shock Wave Generated by a Detonation


F. Virot, H. Quintens, B. Boust, J. Sotton, M. Bellenoue

Steady and Transient One-dimensional Simulations of Multiphase Dodecane/air Detonations


N.J. Tricard, A. Ghosh, S.S. Dammati, A. Poludnenko, X. Zhao

A Modeling of Metalized Solid Fuel Surface Combustion


J.J. Yoh, S.Y. Han

10:40 – 11:05



Flame Acceleration & DDT V

Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA

Numerical Methods

Chairs: TBA

Rocket Propulsion

Chairs: TBA

11:05 – 11:30

The Effect of Buoyancy on Flame Acceleration in Hydrogen-air Mixtures: Experiments in Horizontal and Vertical Tubes


E. Bezgodov

Development of an Automatic-Calibrating Small-Scale Thrust Stand for Rotating Detonation Rocket Engines


A.R. Kotler, R.F. Burke, T. Rezzag, K. Ahmed

Numerical Simulation of Reactive Gas Mixes Flows in Two-dimensional Regions


S. Martyushov

Numerical Simulation of Solid Fuel Combustion in Hybrid Engine


A. Kushnirenko, L. Stamov, E. Mikhalchenko, M. Smirnova, V. Tyurenkova

11:30 – 11:55

Effect of Flame Front Thermo-Diffusive Instability on Flame Acceleration in a Tube


J.-J.Hok, O. Dounia, O. Vermorel, T. Jaravel

Effect of preburn Inhomogeneities on the Detonation Velocity in a Rotating Detonation Rocket Engine


G. Vignat, D. Brouzet, M. Ihme

Reduced Order Modeling of 2-D Reaction-Diffusion System Based on POD-DEIM and k-means Clustering


E.A. Cutillo,G. Petito, K. Bizon, G. Continillo

Investigation of the Heterogeneous Catalyst Hypergolic Ignition Process with Rocket Grade Hydrogen Peroxide


W.C. Lin, H.W. Hsu, H.Y. Li, Y.C. Chao

11:55 – 12:20

Modeling Detonation Combustion of Pyrolysis Products


E. Anderzhanov

Study of Fuel-Oxygen Mixing in a Rotating Detonation Engine Cold Analog


M. McLoughlin, S. Gray, G. Ciccarelli

Numerical Method Based-cellular Automata for Heat Transfer with Application to the Self-Ignition of Energetic Materials


A. Violet, E. El-Tabach, P. Gillard, M. William-Louis

Development of a 200kgf Pre-decomposition Hydrogen Peroxide Hybrid Rocket


C.W. Chang, H.W. Hsu, Y.P. Chan, H.Y. Li, Y.C. Chao

12:20 – 12:45

Investigation of Iso-propyl Nitrate as a Detonation Improver


R.A. Mousse, M.A. Burnett, S. Abid, S. de Persis, A. Comandini, M.S. Wooldridge, N. Chaumeix

Experiments of the Tri-arc Non-Circular Rotating Detonation Engine (RDE)


J.H. Lee, E.S. Lee, H.S. Han, J.M. Kim, J.Y. Choi

Experimental Evaluation of Plain Metal Additives for Solid-Fuel Propulsion Applications


J.C. Thomas, F.A. Rodriguez, E. Petersen

12:45 – 14:15



Condensed Phase Detonation III

Chairs: TBA


Chairs: TBA

Shock Tube II

Chairs: TBA

14:15 – 14:40

Initiation of Sympathetic Detonation between two Separated PETN charges


D. Murray, A. Vashishtha, D. Lenihan, D. Callaghan, C. Nolan

Self-excited Wave Propagation in a Reflective Shuttling Detonation Combustor


M.J. Ullman, S. Prakash, D.R. Jackson, V. Raman C.D. Slabaugh, J.W. Bennewitz

Ignition of Lubricating Oils using a Novel Spray Injection Technique in a Shock Tube


S.P. Cooper, E. Petersen

14:40 – 15:05

Detonation Performance Model Calibration and Validation of the HMX-Based High Explosive PBX 9501


C. Chiquete, S.I. Jackson, E.K. Anderson, M. Short, S. Voelkel, Von H. Whitley

Investigation of Wave Velocity in a Hybrid Rotating Detonation Engine


M. Assad, O. Penyazkov, I. Chernukho

Probing PAH Formation from Heptane Pyrolysis in a Single-pulse Shock Tube


A. Hamadi, F. Cano, L. Carneiro Piton, S. Abid, N. Chaumeix, A. Comandini


Experimental Study of the Miniaturized Cylindrical Rotating Detonation Engine


K. Hattori, K. Ota, K. Ishihara, K. Goto, N. Itouyama, H. Watanabe, A. Kawasaki, K. Matsuoka, J. Kasahara, A. Matsuo, I. Funaki

The Effect of Oxygenated Species on the Fuel-rich Oxidation of CH4 in the Context of Polygeneration: Extinction, CO-Concentration and Temperature Measurements


D. Nativel, J. Herzler, M. Fikri, C. Schulz



16:00 Farewell Party