Work-In-Progress Posters

As for the extended abstracts, the submissions for the one-page (500 words maximum) abstracts for Work-In-Progress posters will be handled through the review website at the link CMT submission system.

Please, refer to the Extended Abstract submission instructions for the detailed instructions. A PDF file of the Work-In-Progress abstract is not required.


The list of topics for the 28th ICDERS colloquium is the following:

  • Detonation dynamics, structure, initiation and limits
  • Dynamics of flame acceleration and DDT
  • Dynamics of reactive supersonic flows

  • Propulsion applications of detonations and high-speed flames
  • Pressure gain combustion, including pulsed, constant volume, and detonative combustion
  • Astrophysical deflagrations and detonations
  • Reactive dynamics of energetic materials
  • Dynamics of Laminar and turbulent flames
  • Turbulence in compressible reacting flows
  • Multiphase reactive flow dynamics
  • Gas and dust explosions
  • Explosion safety
  • Fire dynamics
  • Diagnostics for reactive systems
  • Numerical methods for reacting flows
  • Nonlinear analysis and reactive analogues
  • Modeling of reactive systems, including data-driven and machine learning-based methods
  • Chemical reaction kinetics and reaction dynamics
  • Ignition phenomena
  • Reaction wave instabilities and quenching
  • Relaxation phenomena in shock waves
  • Combustion acoustic phenomena
  • Nanoparticles and soot in reactive systems
  • Combustion processes in IC engines